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December 20, 2011 / Gaston Today Magazine

“A Carolina Christmas”: Gaston Today Magazine

GT Mag Carolina Spotlight

A Carolina ChristmasA Carolina Christmas

by:  Darryl Warren

From the tall pines of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the soft breeze of the Atlantic seashore, the holiday season in Carolina offers an array of beauty and imagery that is like no other part of our wonderful country.  For certain, the soul of any true Carolinian is equal parts mountain and sea.  Memories of snow covered hills mix with the salty air of the sea to provide a collage of Christmas memories that are common to all native Carolinian sons and daughters.

Those who spent their youth in Carolina, traveling to and from family gatherings, have special memories that are precious and burn brightly this time of year; they define us and provide a bond that time cannot break.  Most are of children playing, Grand-parents smiling, as the smells and sounds of the holiday season fill the air.  Together, we share these timeless memories that come alive during the season.  They define us, and provide us a common thread from generation to generation.  A Carolina Christmas is rich in tradition, shared in song and laughter in a spirit filled with what we hunger for most; FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE.

But as public as our common fellowship is, the most precious memories of Christmas in Carolina are our most private, shared only by a quiet, solitary smile as we drift off into the night’s embrace.  These memories forever bond us to loved ones no longer with us, the gentle touch of our past relieved in our heart with the passion and love that time can never erase.

There is comfort in knowing the Birth we celebrate at Christmas is our unbreakable link to loved one’s who are no longer here.  But as sure as night follows day, they are still with us, seen in every twinkle of our Children’s eye, in every embrace of family and friends, and in the heart that still beats with the Promise born in a Manger long ago.

As we share another Christmas in Carolina, as quiet solitude is interrupted by the season’s hustle and bustle, keep the most private memories of this precious time of year locked tightly in your heart, for they are the embers that will forever warm your soul.

May you all have a Merry Carolina Christmas, and may Peace be with you all.

Love, Your Native Son



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