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September 18, 2011 / Gaston Today Magazine

“Darrylized”: My take on life, love, and what’s wrong with everybody but me


An off the wall look at life, love, and what’s wrong with everybody but me.

Darryl Warren

My Mom

Sometimes you have to go backwards to move forward……

When I was a kid, I could always count on my mom to be home when I needed a parent.  Be it praise or punishment, mom was the one who would be on the front line of raising me.  Dad was at work most of the time.  He was the cavalry, ready with the big guns if mom needed back-up.

Today, most kids are left with others when they most need a parent.  Out of necessity, both parents usually have to work, sometime more than one job in order to just keep food on the table.  I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I think maybe it’s time we take a look at reversing the trend of gender equality and see if maybe, just maybe, going backwards will allow us to move forward.

Being a liberal most of my life, I believe that ALL people are created equal.  My 14 year old daughter, thankfully, will have a choice in what she will become.  What she will NOT have a choice in, is to be a stay at home mom.  She will have to work all her life.

What I think we should consider is kind of crazy.  It goes against everything I’ve ever said about America and equality, but I think we should let men have first dibs on jobs.  Now, if you will stop cussing me out and calling all your friends and telling them what a jack-ass I am, I will explain myself.

According to Washington, the unemployment rate is around 10%.  According to the real world, it’s about 35%, if you add in the under-employed and those who just flat-out stopped looking for a job.  While Washington hollers back and forth about what to do about it, babies are starving, people are losing their homes, old people are eating cat food, and it’s getting worse, not better.

To me, a logical choice is to back-up and see what we were doing when America was great.  Back in the day, we had one parent working and one parent staying at home raising kids and taking care of the house.  It was almost always a man working and a woman at home.  Not every family, just MOST families.  If we stopped just a few of the wasteful government programs those fools in Washington are yelling about, surely we could come up with some sort of tax credit to PAY moms to stay at home and whoop their kids if they needed it.

Crazy as it seems, I believe it’s at least worth taking a look at.  Men could have a better shot at getting a job, kids would have a parent to praise or punish them, and maybe, just maybe, America can survive so that my daughter will have a chance to burn her bra and raise hell about equality in the workplace.



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  1. brian / Sep 18 2011 3:59 pm

    Love this!

  2. Andy Pagoota / Sep 20 2011 12:27 am


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