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August 18, 2011 / Gaston Today Magazine

Gaston Town Spotlight: Stanley, NC

Stanley, NC


History: Stanley is a small town, but one of the oldest in Gaston County, actually beginning in the early to middle 1700’s. An elusive prospector named Stanley panned for gold in a creek that came to bear his name. Mr. Stanley left the area and his exact identity was lost to time, however, a community sprang up along the creek which became known as Stanley’s Creek Community. During the Civil War years, the town’s railroad depot, Brevard’s Station, named for the original landowners, the Alexander Brevard family, was a major departure point for soldiers leaving for the war, and also for sending provisions to soldiers in the field.

Where To Go: The Brevard Station Museum seeks to present and interpret for the public its collection of interesting stories, facts, recollections, pictures and tidbits relating to the history of Stanley, Gaston County, North Carolina. The Brevard Station Museum was created to collect, exhibit, and store items particularly pertaining to the past of Stanley. The museum seeks to stir the memories of the older residents while teaching newcomers and passers-through something about what evokes pride in the town of Stanley. Of special importance to the Brevard Station Museum is to make a contribution to helping Stanley’s school children develop an interest in local history.


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