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July 15, 2011 / Gaston Today Magazine

Announcing the all new local magazine for Gaston County, “Gaston Rocks!”

The all new Gaston Rocks magazine begins with our next edition, which will focus on local attractions in the Greater Gaston area.  The first edition of Gaston Rocks will feature stories about the best things to do and see in Gaston County, and will answer the burning question, “Does this ROCK?”

The goal of Gaston Rocks will be to provide Gaston County with a full size, full color magazine about Gaston County and its surrounding areas, and to partner with local businesses that we know and recommend.  Gaston Rocks is unique in our community, because it is written and produced by locals for locals.  Started by Darryl Warren, one of the founders of Rocks Entertainment, Gaston Rocks is expanding on the cool things about the old magazine, by promoting and featuring the Piedmont areas great entertainment, our cool places to visit, and where to ROCK OUT in the Gaston County area.   With the expansion of our distribution, our all new web-site, and a fresh, new focus on local attractions and entertainment, Gaston Rocks  provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach their target audience, measure their advertising dollars, and best of all, increase their business.

It’s was an incredible run for Rocks Entertainment Magazine.  The launch of the first edition featuring the Gastonia Grizzlies brought out one of the largest crowds ever to Sims Park.  Our featured story on General Johnson was reprinted in London and quoted in major print publications after his death.  Belmont’s Friday Night Live has set attendance records, thanks in part to Rocks promotional efforts and partnership with the Belmont Merchants Association.  From our “Carolina Girl” contest to working with the Schiele museum and Sun-Drop for “Pirates Invade the Schiele,” as well as our “Blues, Beer, and Wine Crawl,” which raised thousands of dollars for local charities, we have been a part of all that ROCKS about the Greater Gaston area.  With Gaston Rocks, we are taking it to the next level!

As Gaston Rocks grows, we will continue to ask one simple question in everything we print, “Does this ROCK?”  Every advertiser, article, event, and picture we produce will have passed that test…IT WILL ROCK!!!

So, get ready for the new Gaston Rocks Magazine!!! It will…well, ROCK!!!!!


Rock on!

Darryl Warren

For advertising information, contact Darryl at 704-685-7011 or email


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